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New Hotel Concept Focuses on 100 Percent Social Media Marketing

New California Hotels Corporation together with Mivida Hospitality, is creating a new concept for the Hilton Head Beach community. A concept built upon an entire new way of engaging the customer; the Web 2.0 Hotel. 100% social media marketing, environmentally friendly, ecologically sensitive and electronically relevant for the customer of the today. Many hotels refer to these customers as "millennials."

The hotel is currently the MET Hotel on Hilton Head Island at 36 South Forest Drive at Coligny Beach. The main building of 76 rooms will be renamed the Coligny Beach Resort (CBR). The 57 room rear annex will be renamed the E-Choice Hotel and Hostel. The Coligny Beach resort, CBR will cater to tourists seeking luxury 4 star beachside accommodations while the rear annex will be for budget-minded travelers, long-term visitors and seasonal J-1 workers.

New Amenities will include:

1. Seamless handheld capability to instantaneously book rooms in either property.
2. All rooms will have HD TV equipped with YouTube, Skype, Netflix and complete Internet connection for immediate uploading.
3. Self-directed ambient mood lighting in all rooms and UV Lighting for blacklight fun.
4. Cloud based online "Live" guest service, guests can communicate via their smart phone, television or computer any requests from the front desk.
5. Ecologically sensitive bamboo flooring, solar hot water system, green laundry program.
6. Third World Kitchen, TWK, restaurant with visiting international chefs creating their country's specialties.
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