Nearby College Campus Restaurants Experience Growth through Student Online Ordering

Romanelli's Pizza & Italian Eatery, located in Madison, NJ, is a successful early adopter of online ordering. In 2006 they recognized that a large part of their customer base came from Drew University and also knew that every college student had their own personal computer. Romanelli's concluded that restaurant online ordering could give them a competitive advantage. According to manager Melissa Chiarolanzio, "We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of monthly orders since the time we started. There are students that order between classes using their PDAs and students that order a quick late-night snack from their laptops." In addition to great food, Chiarolanzio credits BigHoller as part of their online ordering success formula.

"BigHoller's software allows us to market directly to our customers. This helps us build brand loyalty and repeat orders. We have been BigHoller fans since we began online ordering," says Chiarolanzio.

Another enthusiast is Gainesville, Floridian Pita Pit franchisee owner Rob Roche. Located on University Avenue and adjacent to the University of Florida, Pita Pit's casual atmosphere, coupled with its great-tasting food that's healthy and fresh, serves as a major draw for the many students that attend one of the nation's five largest universities. In January 2007, Roche introduced online ordering, which immediately increased his customer base. According to Roche, "Students appreciate the ease and simplicity in online ordering and have embraced it wholeheartedly. Not having online ordering would be a detriment to our business."

In fact, when Roche opened a new restaurant next to the Pita Pit called Relish Big Tasty Burger, there was no doubt that online ordering was to be an integral part of their initial launch. "Relish Big Tasty Burger allows you to build your own burger with all sorts of toppings, just the way you like it. Students love the concept. Everybody loves the concept. I knew this would be a hit from the start and I also knew online ordering had to be an integral part of this. That's why I'm sticking with BigHoller. They have the flexibility yet simplicity that allows us to present our robust menu in an easy-to-use way," says Roche.

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