Navigating Hot Topics at NRF 2017: Security, Omni-channel, Mobility, Data and Gen Z

NRF 2017 will offer attendees 11 keynotes, six feature stage sessions, 55+ breakout sessions and more than 300 speakers. With that in mind, HT culled topics on the NRF agenda to highlight those that will be of value to those in the hospitality sector. Data security, mobile solutions, and the omni-channel experience will be extensively covered by this show. Below are just a few of the sessions that could provide valuable insights to members of the hospitality industry.
Monday, January 16
3:15pm–4:00pm Keynote Session North Hall, Level 2
Setting the Table with Danny Meyer – How Focusing on Hospitality Creates Deep Customer Connections
Celebrated New York restaurateur Danny Meyer believes that restaurants too often confuse hospitality with service – a valuable lesson that retailers may take heed to learn as well. Where good service is simply the technical delivery of a product, Meyer wrote in his best-selling book, Setting the Table, “hospitality is how the delivery of that product makes the customer feel.” Hear Danny Meyer’s key principles he followed in creating beloved restaurant brands from fine dining Gramercy Tavern to uber-popular burger joint Shake Shack. Learn from Meyer’s conviction about the intense human drive to provide and receive hospitality and its influence on winning profound customer loyalty and long-lasting patronage. #SettingtheTable
Monday, January 16
1:30pm –2:30pm EXPO Hall, Room 2, Level 1
Exhibitor Insights: Compromise vs. Protection: A “Cybercriminal” and Network Security Technologist Face-off
Exhibitor Case Study: Join this discussion demonstrating how the next generation of malware can be used against your retail organization. Watch this vigorous point and counterpoint debate to learn what you can do to protect your retail organization from threats and attacks.
Monday, January 16
2:30pm–3:00pm Breakout Session Hall E, Room 1E 16, Level 1
Who is Gen Z? With $44B in Buying Power, You Should Probably Find Out
Here’s an interesting retail fact: 67 percent of the post-millennial, “Generation Z” population prefers to make purchases in a physical store most of the time. Since this generation holds an estimated $44 billion in buying power, that’s something retailers should be considering now. Join IBM’s Chris Wong and a retail panelist to get an exclusive first-look at a new groundbreaking, in-depth research study on Gen Z. This session will define Gen Z and its key characteristics, as well as provide examples from retailers on how they are beginning to connect, engage and reach this unique generation.
Tuesday, January 17
10:15am–11:00am Exhibitor Insights EXPO Hall, Room 2, Level 1
Exhibitor Insights: Moving From Transactions to Relationships: Omni-Channel Data Holds the Key
Exhibitor Case Study: lululemon has mastered the art of orchestrated engagement across physical and digital channels; genuine, lifelong customer relationships are the result. Learn how data intelligence makes it possible.
Tuesday, January 17
10:15am–11:00am EXPO Hall, Room 1, Level 1 Full Conference PassEXPO Only Pass
Exhibitor Insights: What's Hiding in Your Point of Sale Data?
Exhibitor Case Study: Explore the differences between market basket analysis and in-store consumer behavior analysis and discover the hidden operational and merchandising opportunities that can be
unlocked with the latter.
Tuesday, January 17
4:00pm–4:45pm EXPO Hall, Room 2, Level 1 Full Conference PassEXPO Only Pass
Exhibitor Insights: Enabling Smart retail with IoT and Mobility
Exhibitor Success Story: Join VMware and industry leaders Coca-Cola and Harman in learning how to leverage mobility and enable smart retail with Internet of Things. We will share how retailers can automate and enable optimal customer experiences in stores, optimize occupancy across all stores, operate smarter with real-time information, and innovate faster optimizing inventory and operation costs.  We will also here from Coca-Cola on how they are using VMware to Modernize and mobilize their retail environment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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