Naples Bay Resort & Marina Replaces 8 Systems in Its Tech Stack with Vertically Integrated Microservices Hotel In A Box

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In June 2020, the Naples Bay Resort & Marina selected Above Property (APS) as their preferred technology partner. The property replaced eight systems in their tech stack by implementing the vertically integrated microservices Hotel In A Box™ solution, including their PMS, CRM, RMS, website booking engine, and call center.

Since the initial implementation, the partnership has been a resounding success, empowering the resort to streamline and scale its operations at a low cost while driving new guest service and revenue opportunities.

“With APS, there is very little upfront investment required, and the transition was quick and amazingly seamless,” explains John Reilly, GM at the Naples Bay Resort & Marina. “That was a determining factor, along with cost savings and unparalleled flexibility. If we went with any other solution, we would have had to take whatever they were offering. APS is totally mobile and flexible. It made such a difference to work with one partner to get everything needed, rather than working with multiple vendors to try and make their solutions work for us.”

The front desk staff at Naples Bay is thrilled at how incredibly user-friendly and intuitive the solution is. “It’s a very stable system, so we’ve had little to no system-wide issues. The user experience has been incredibly positive,” explains Reilly.

As a General Manager, Reilly notes that before their partnership with APS, he often had to go hunting for the information he needed. This is a common crux of legacy technology. By replacing disparate systems with an intuitive, all-in-one solution, The Naples Bay Resort & Marina has enhanced guest connections across an increasingly guest-focused landscape while improving the staff experience. “Now I have everything I need at my fingertips,” explains Reilly. The successful replacement of so many systems using a single platform is unprecedented in the industry. The Hotel In A Box™ solution replaced the following systems at Naples Bay Resort & Marina:

  • PMS
  • CRS
  • RMS
  • Website booking engine
  • Call Center Outsource
  • Added
    • Store POS
    • Marina operations
    • Guest communications (emails, text messaging, pre/post stay surveys, etc)
    • Maintenance (including Workflow)
    • Housekeeping (including guest requests, assignments and scheduling)
    • Vacation Rental inventory
    • Owner Accounting

Direct connects to:

  • Google HotelAds
  • Book on Google
  • Expedia ARI and Product
  • ARI and Product API
  • Several tour operator/wholesaler directs are in progress

Implemented on-property interfaces into:

  • Door locks
  • Credit card processing (including chip and pin)
  • Movie System
  • Restaurant POS
  • Club POS

The capabilities offered by the APS Hotel In A Box™ solution are especially critical now, as the hospitality industry moves into a period of post-pandemic recovery. “Naples Bay Resort has rebounded very quickly out of the pandemic, and the demand has been very strong. As we use the APS system to yield rates, we’ve seen a shift in our customer base. We’ve lost some customers, but we’ve replaced them with higher-yielding ones,” shares Reilly. “We have seen tremendous demand for the Christmas season, and we were ready for it. The pace going into the first quarter of 2022 is way ahead of where it’s been historically, and we are incredibly excited about that.”

As APS enters this period of growth and recovery alongside The Naples Bay Resort & Marina, Aaron Shepherd, CEO and Co-Founder of APS, adds: “Helping properties find their footing in a post-pandemic landscape while establishing a scalable framework on which they can build towards a successful future is why we created APS Hotel In A Box™. We know that the platform is unmatched and, more importantly, helps to move our industry away from the limitations of legacy technology that is no longer equipped to serve hotels and their guests effectively. We are incredibly excited to see what the future has in store for Naples Bay Resort & Marina, and we look forward to continuing and evolving our partnership with their exceptional brand.”

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