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Namu Travel Debuts New Tech to Recruit New Clients

Namu Travel, a Central American travel agency specializing in customized vacations to Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, said it is utilizing its strong relationships within the hospitality industry as well as various new technology platforms to better serve existing clients as well as recruit new clients.

Some of Namu’s new technology platforms / initiatives include:

Building AI Matchmaker – Namu Travel is building algorithmic matching between its customer profile tool and its favorite vacation experiences. The goal is to approximate the matchmaking skills of the company’s top human trip planners.

Small Hotel Channel Manager Aggregate – Namu is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of ‘tiny hoteliers’ (8 to 15 rooms) adopting channel managers. Because this constitutes a big part of Namu’s supplier offering, the team is nearly done building a tool that aggregates rates and availability from widely adopted small hotel channel managers directly into their own system. Namu sales reps will then have real time availability information readily available from a wide network of local hotel partners.

Auto Profiler – The agency is experimenting with new questions and survey formats (with an emphasis on mobile) to extract the true travel personality of potential travelers.

Launch of is a company wide effort to offer expanded advice on travel, living and investing in the region. This is Namu’s only 100% content site that was designed mobile first. The idea is to communicate with prospects in the dreaming phase of travel and to gather a wider array of intelligence on what questions need answering.

FrogLog: Version Two – Namu is in the process of building the next version of FrogLog, the company’s proprietary software booking system. They will then explore licensing relationships with small boutique hotels for a seamless integration with their booking systems.

Partner Marketing Campaigns – The agency has recently started managing some of its local hotel partners’ marketing campaigns and Google CPC accounts, which no other Central American travel agency is currently doing.

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