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MyCheck Granted Second Patent for Its Mobile Payment Technology

MyCheck, a mobile payment platform provider to the hospitality industry, announced that it has been issued a second U.S. Patent No. 9,633,344 B2 related to the device, system and method of payment transacted through mobile payment applications. The patent covers MyCheck’s point-of-sale integration system and using database information pulled from a restaurant POS to drive information, push offers, create clubs, and recommend favorite items to customers. The patented technology enables a restaurant or dining establishment to store and maintain customer data for future promotions that can be discounted on historical behavioral or preferences data. The patent also covers businesses wishing to establish a Consumer Club offering promotional incentives based on status level to members, and the need to force-close a check if the customer leaves without paying the bill.
MyCheck enables a seamless pay-at-the-table experience via direct POS integration. Guests can view, split and pay their bill straight from their smartphone without waiting for the check or the credit card slip, or the server coming over with a tablet or terminal. They can even redeem rewards and custom offers which go straight into the POS and use any method of payment they want, including credit card, debit card, Paypal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa checkout and more.
U.S. Patent No. 9,633,344 B2 addresses the ability of MyCheck to push exclusive offers to restaurant customers. For example, MyCheck knows that Joe Smith likes to eat lunch downtown every Tuesday, and he orders a shrimp cocktail at every meal. Therefore, the system can push a Saturday Night Shrimp Lovers Dinner promo to Mr. Smith to incentivize him to visit the establishment on a weekend. The customer is receiving an offer that is relevant to his purchasing behavior and preferences which will drive loyalty. It also will drive new revenues for the business on the weekend.
The rapid and efficient creation of a “Consumer Club” will also help establishments to drive loyalty and revenues. For example, a restaurateur may send a message to a customer’s smartphone asking if he would like to join the restaurant’s Club to receive special promotions. If the customer responds positively, the restaurant will begin sending coupons or promotion codes to the guest.  The customer then becomes part of a Club database whereby personal information and transaction history can be tracked.
The patent also addresses an owner’s need to force-close a check. Once the four-digit code is created in the MyCheck app for each customer and presented to the server, it implies a contract between the customer and the establishment. If the guest leaves the restaurant without settling the tab (intentionally or unintentionally), MyCheck will automatically close the check and assign a tip. 
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