Multiple Hotel Groups integrate Social Distancing Software for Mobile Check-in and -out

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Hotel groups Dalata, Jurys and Sarova are to integrate ‘social distancing software’ developed by technology company P3 Hotels into their booking systems as part of measures to help keep its guests safe once the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is eased.

The software will allow guests to check in and out of their hotel using smartphones, and is designed to reduce human contact and limit the risk of Covid-19 spread by preventing queues forming in hotel lobbies.

The easing of lockdown measures means that hotels are able to reopen so long as they implement suitable social distancing measures. P3 CEO Phelim Pekaar said there is fast-growing demand among hotel groups in the UK and Ireland for software which facilitates meeting these requirements.

He said: “Before the coronavirus pandemic, facilities such as mobile check in and checkout were a glimpse of the future – convenient features which were popular with guests and added value for hotels. Now, they are becoming essential services for hotel operators who want their guests to feel safe and enjoy their stay.

“Guests don’t need to touch pens to sign registration forms or touch credit card terminal keypads when paying, so it’s much safer for both guests and hotel staff.”

Dalata, Ireland’s largest hotel group, rolled out mobile/online check-in across their 41 Maldron and Clayton hotels in the UK and Ireland last year. Chief executive Pat McCann said that assuring the safety of guests is his group’s priority.

“We need to ensure that our guests feel they are ‘getting away from it all’. We can do this by making them feel relaxed and safe,” he said. “They need to be confident that all the new measures we have in place will allow them to enjoy their well-earned break. We will ensure that all our guests experience true Dalata hospitality with total peace of mind.”

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