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Mountain Park Lodges Proves PCI Compliance in Two Days with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, announced today that Mountain Park Lodges streamlined PCI compliance and enhanced IT security by leveraging the complete visibility provided by Netwrix Auditor.

Nestled in Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada) for almost 50 years, Mountain Park Lodges operates six hotels, cabins and resorts that provide the ultimate setting for a stay in the Canadian Rockies. Since the hotel chain runs point–of–sale (POS) systems, it must comply with PCI DSS, and therefore the IT team of two full–time employees needed to automate monitoring of activity across all IT systems. A failed audit would subject Mountain Park Lodges to significantly higher credit card processing fees from merchants, hurting profit margins.

The IT team at Mountain Park Lodges chose Netwrix Auditor for its ease of deployment and the clear mapping of its reports to PCI DSS controls. Using the software, the company has gained the following benefits:

  • Successful PCI DSS audits with far less effort. A big challenge during audits had always been filling out a questionnaire that was over 20 pages long; the task took the IT team several months. Netwrix Auditor enables
  • them to complete the questionnaire and prove compliance in a couple of days.
  • Easy compliance monitoring. With the visibility Netwrix Auditor provides into activity across the whole IT environment, the IT team needs just five minutes a day to ensure continuous adherence to PCI DSS.
  • Timely detection of external attacks. Netwrix Auditor’s alerting capabilities help the IT team quickly spot intrusions and reduce the dwell time of an attack. As a result, the organization avoids hours of downtime that could impact the guest experience and therefore cause a big financial hit.

“Netwrix Auditor helped us become PCI compliant and spend only two days on preparations, whereas before it was three months. On top of that, it enables me to monitor the network more closely, in just five minutes a day. I also receive alerts that warn me in case of external attacks, so I can react immediately and avoid downtime, which is unacceptable in the hospitality industry. Netwrix Auditor helps me in all kinds of ways, going above and beyond my expectations,” said Michael McIsaac, IT Manager at Mountain Park Lodges.

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