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Mobile Tech Influences Diners' Restaurant Selection

With everyone’s noses constantly buried in smartphones, it’s no surprise that mobility is ruling the world and running businesses. Restaurants are feeling the impact of the constantly connected consumer as more and more diners are expecting and demanding a mobile experience from foodservice.

The Hospitality Technology 2016 Customer Engagement Technology Study revealed findings that corroborate this, revealing that certain mobile technologies do play a part in influencing consumers’ restaurant selection. More than half of consumers queried (56%) say that the ability to use mobile payment has bearing on where they choose to eat. Meanwhile 57% say that a restaurant with feature-rich, useful mobile apps will get their business. The chart below maps out just a few of the mobile elements that diners are naming as important.

The study also did analysis into discrepancies in what mobile features consumers want versus what restaurants are actually offering currently. Overall, restaurants have some catching up to do when it comes to what customers want. To illustrate, 61% of consumers want mobile payment, restaurants are lagging slightly with only 49% offering the technology. Similarly, 56% of diners want to use mobile to manage loyalty programs, but only 41% of restaurants have enabled this.

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