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Mobile Phone Becomes Room Key with a Bluetooth Enabled Solution

OpenWays is unveiling the Mobile Key DUAL© with Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0 BLE) -- the only Bluetooth-enabled mobile key solution on the market WITHOUT LIMITS to a particular mobile operating system. The Mobile Key DUAL© solution combines OpenWays' Crypto Acoustic Credential (CAC™) Technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy to enable ALL travelers to bypass traditional hotel check-in/-out processes and proceed straight to their rooms upon arrival and securely open their room locks (existing locks supplied by the major electronic lock vendors) with ANY mobile phone, including non-smartphones.
Mobile Key involves a portfolio of intellectual property including 27 patents, design patents and pending patents. It is based on a multi-technology platform including Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and  Crypto Acoustic Credential (CAC™).
Twice the Functionality, NOT the Price
Mobile Key by OpenWays securely delivers an encrypted Mobile Key "credential" to the right user anywhere in the world. Installation of the technology at hotels involves a simple and cost efficient upgrade to the hotel's existing room locks to include an OpenWays DUAL decoding device. The solution does not require any door modification (drilling) which protects the fire rating of a hotel's room doors. New locks that are factory made with the OpenWays DUAL module built in are also provided by major electronic lock vendors.
Mobile Key DUAL© with Bluetooth Smart enables hotels to offer a front-desk bypass solution that contains Bluetooth Smart technologies while still being fully carrier and lock provider independent. It is highly secured and operates on trusted networks. Apple's iBeacon is also supported as part of the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE release.
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