Mobile Messaging Platform Debuts New Branding

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Vibes, a provider of direct-to-consumer mobile engagement, is rolling out a new brand strategy and visual identity.

As a pioneer in mobile messaging, Vibes fills a critical void for brands by building personal connections with consumers on their most trusted mobile devices. The company’s technology platform has evolved to address the acceleration in mobile engagement; from the early days of utilizing mobile marketing to garner user participation during sporting events and televised competitions such as “American Idol,” to providing intelligent personalized mobile consumer journeys, such as current innovations that harness the power of mobile wallet.

In 2020, Vibes helped brands in retail, QSR, travel, and more accelerate their direct-to-consumer strategies for ecommerce and contactless shopping experiences, as well as loyalty programs through increased mobile wallet adoption. Brands are realizing the true value of mobile engagement with Vibes’ unique combination of native multichannel mobile messaging, intelligent experience automation, rich audience and performance insights and analytics, embedded compliance governance, and unrivaled global messaging performance.

According to Vibes’ data, brands were sending 200% more transactional mobile messages per month by the end of 2020 than they were at the start, as changes in consumer behaviors such as contactless order pickup grew throughout the year. Mobile messaging peaked in Q4 2020 as brands sent 400% more mobile messages for Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Pickup at Curbside (BOPAC) than in Q4 2019. Vibes forecasts that BOPIS and BOPAC messaging will continue to grow by 45% in 2021, highlighting the continued growth in mobile opportunities for brands.

The new company branding is built to stand out in a crowd while remaining true to the vibrant spirit and focused mission of Vibes. The dual messaging icon reflects the highly interactive and intelligent mobile engagement its SaaS platform powers at scale for brands around the world. From the new logo, Vibes is synonymous with the principles of Engagement, Personalization, Loyalty, and Interaction that are at the heart of a consumers’ brand decisions.

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