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Mobile App Offers Secure Payment Option for Bowling Center

Lucky Strike now offers Tabbedout, the free mobile payment app for iPhone and Android that allows consumers to open, view and pay tabs with their phones, in eight of their locations across the country including their flagship location in Hollywood, Boston, Orange County, Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco and two in the Chicago area. The Tabbedout solution is fully integrated with their MICROS point-of-sale (POS) system, which means customers can pay when they are ready and wait staff can spend more time serving food and drink.
Available on both iPhone and Android smartphones, Tabbedout integrates seamlessly with each venue’s MICROS POS system and was built by security experts who like to have a good time. The mobile payment app allows users to securely store credit or debit card information directly on their phone, encrypted and under passphrase protection, instead of on host servers or in “the cloud.” Consumers are safe from the threat of stolen payment information due to lost or forgotten credit cards since they now can open and pay their tab directly from their phone without handing over their credit or debit information to a server. Patrons can also view their itemized tab in real-time, removing any surprises at the end of the night. Whether a guest moves from a bowling lane to a bar to one of the lounges, they can control their tab by being able to open, view and pay their tab from wherever they are, without the need for waiting for the server.   

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