Merchants Using Shift4's 4Go Can Avoid PCI DSS

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Merchants Using Shift4's 4Go Can Avoid PCI DSS


Merchants concerned about PCI DSS compliance have an option that enables them to avoid its burdensome requirements. 4Go SecureSuite from Shift4 Corporation uses credit card information replacement technology to provide an alternative approach to PCI DSS Version 1.1, which states:

"PCI DSS requirements are applicable if a Primary Account Number (PAN) is stored, processed, or transmitted. If a PAN is not stored, processed, or transmitted, PCI DSS requirements do not apply."

4Go SecureSuite removes credit card information at the point-of-sale device, replacing it with a unique "token" that substitutes for the PAN throughout the entire transaction process, but which is useless to anyone outside the system. Useable credit card information is never retained in the POS device or the merchant's system, so even if there is a breach, nothing is exposed to theft or loss.

"The cost to secure an existing system is a fraction of an upgrade or total system replacement," says John Mann, VP of Sales for Shift4 Corporation. "This allows merchants to focus on and direct their investments towards innovation and improving the customer experience."

In addition to protecting the merchant, Shift4's approach to credit card transaction security directly benefits acquiring banks that are ultimately responsible for the fines associated with a breach resulting in credit card information theft. Consumers also benefit by having the assurance that their personal information is protected in a secure third party environment.