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Menufy Partners with LevelUp to Drive Increase in Restaurant Orders

Menufy, an online ordering solution provider, announced a partnership with LevelUp that will allow restaurants to grow their order ahead sales via new channel distribution partners. With this partnership, Menufy’s restaurant clients will enjoy free distribution through LevelUp’s extended network of consumer channels, leading to an increase in orders at no additional cost. Customers will benefit by having significantly more restaurant options to choose from when ordering from their mobile phone. 

LevelUp has a large, engaged user base of over one million monthly active users that have come to expect convenience, speed and flexibility while interacting with restaurant chains across the country. This integration provides Menufy restaurant partners instant access to the LevelUp network, reaching millions of potential new customers across LevelUp partner apps like Chase Pay. Orders flow from those apps to Menufy and then down to the restaurant’s point-of-sale.

The exposure to new customers promises to drive higher order volume and revenue for restaurants. The significant benefits offered by the LevelUp network will continue to grow as the company publicly announces more strategic partners in the coming months.

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