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Marriott Manages Online Bookings with Smart Distribution Tech

As travel metasearch engine websites gain in popularity with travelers, more hotel companies are turning to DerbySoft for its metasearch online distribution connectivity and caching technology. One of the latest large hoteliers to work with DerbySoft is Marriott International.  DerbySoft is based in Dallas, Texas, and Shanghai, China, and provides technology services to eight of the 10 largest hotel companies in the world, as well as many of the world's largest online travel agencies (OTA) and metasearch sites.
To date, the metasearch sites to which DerbySoft has connected Marriott are Priceline's Kayak; RoomKey; Expedia's Trivago, the market leader in Europe; and Qunar, a travel metasearch site whose majority stake is owned by Baidu, China's largest search engine.
As "one-stop shops" for travelers that seek to quickly compare different travel options, travel metasearch sites are specialized travel aggregators that provide online listings from  hotel suppliers such as hotel companies, central reservations system (CRS) providers, and OTAs.
Hotel companies are realizing that consumer searches on metasearch engines can result in enormous volumes of 'shopping messages', or requests for rates and availability data. As a result of DerbySoft's connectivity and caching service, Marriott's proprietary CRS is buffered from large amounts of data requests from multiple travel metasearch engines, while allowing Marriott to capture more direct bookings.
DerbySoft's proprietary smart cache system analyzes historical booking patterns and rate changes, and interrogates shopping message results in order to determine how often it needs to query its hotel customers' CRSs for rate and availability updates.

For example, if 80% of the CRS queries indicate the hotel rate hasn’t changed, the smart cache software will automatically adjust the query schedule to send fewer query messages for that hotel for that particular period, and the system will continue to get smarter as time goes on. As a result, DerbySoft’s smart cache system minimizes the peak-hour traffic volumes to Marriott's CRS while maintaining high data accuracy and fast response times.  

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