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Marriott Boosts Property Wide Cell Service

Harris Communications was contacted by the Portland, Oregon Marriott Hotel because they lacked reliable cellular reception in the administrative and staff offices, banquet rooms as well as some hallways.  In this particular case the area experiencing poor coverage was limited to one section of the hotel on the first floor.  The main concern for Marriott staff is that they were not able to communicate and ensure guest satisfaction from an administrative standpoint as well as when parties and business engagements were being held in the banquet rooms.  An ancillary issue was that guests were not able to use their cell phones when in those areas as well.
Harris Communications designed a copper solution that covered the area most in need of cellular enhancement.  In this particular case, the hotel was a Green Building, which commonly attributes to poor cellular coverage.  The design and installation was for a multi-carrier solution and was cost effective as it covered the pre-determined area as opposed to the hotel in its entirety. 
The Hotel now has reliable cellular reception in the administrative offices as well as the banquet rooms.  This ensures that the staff can communicate internally which will result in greater guest satisfaction.  As an added bonus, groups that book events in the banquet rooms will benefit from cellular service as well.  The guaranteed reception aligns with the customer service and event planning that Marriott strives to offer guests.   
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