Macorva’s Debuts CX Customer Feedback Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Macorva, the people-focused feedback company, launched its new Macorva CX customer feedback platform, the first solution that allows companies to gather actionable customer experience ratings that tie their feedback directly to individual employee service.

With Macorva CX, companies can gather customer reviews based on specific interactions to motivate and reward outstanding employee service or identify churn risks and rekindle troubled customer relationships. By proactively delivering simple mobile surveys via SMS that take just seconds to complete, Macorva CX delivers higher customer response rates, as well as measurable, actionable data to help drive tangible CX improvements.

The Simple Solution to Critical CX Measurement

Most customer feedback products are clunky, time-consuming and expensive, and they place an undue burden on the customer to provide freeform comments. That means response rates are typically low, and even when written responses are collected, they aren’t trackable or measurable, making it hard to accurately analyze and act on feedback. Conventional CX platforms also don’t associate customer feedback with individual employees, so it’s often impossible to tie CX to a specific interaction. This leaves company leaders at a stand-still. They know there’s an issue, but they don’t have the data to solve it.

Macorva CX solves that problem with a simple solution for both customers and companies. Built on Macorva’s people-focused 360-degree employee engagement platform, Macorva EX, the new Macorva CX makes gathering and analyzing customer feedback easy and useful.

Better Data, Actionable Intelligence

With the Macorva CX platform, companies can:

  • Customize touch-response questions and attributes to gather data on a customer’s experience with specific employees, the facility and more.
  • Drive higher response rate by proactively sending surveys via SMS or email immediately after customer interactions.
  • Simplify the review process for customers with a quick 1-5 overall experience rating and easy-to-choose attributes.
  • Spot CX trends over time by employee, team, department, location or for the entire organization.
  • Gain a broader perspective on employee performance by integrating Macorva CX ratings alongside Macorva EX ratings to provide a customer perspective in employee performance management.
  • Identify top CX performers, and those who may need a training refresh, to reward and incentivize service.
  • Determine whether customer complaints are isolated incidents or a trend that indicates potential churn.
  • Intervene immediately following negative reviews to improve the customer relationship.

For high-touch service organizations, such as wealth management firms, business services, medical device companies, etc., Macorva CX offers the ability to profile individual customers to see who’s most and least satisfied with their service. This gives businesses a chance to identify high-value at-risk clients and work proactively to maintain their business.

The Macorva CX turnkey solution can be white labeled and customized to serve virtually any business, including retail, restaurants, real estate firms, banks, auto repair and car dealerships, mattress and furniture stores, fitness classes and facilities, hospitality, delivery services, spa services and much more. Companies can even add coupon codes or other incentives for customers to share their feedback. On the back end, detailed analytics allow companies to create custom reports that examine a wide range of performance metrics and unique parameters.

Macorva CX is available as a standalone platform, or as a companion to the Macorva EX employee engagement platform. For a demo of the platform, check out


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