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M3 Budget & Forecasting Tool for Hoteliers Allows Customers to Integrate Real-Time Data

For many years, M3 Accounting + Analytics' customers have used the budget and forecasting modules embedded into M3’s accounting tool. After exhaustive feedback from M3’s Advisory Board, user groups and selected customers, M3 said it now offers a powerful new tool that combines the best of both worlds – accounting + analytics. That tool is M3's web-based Budget & Forecasting tool.

M3’s Budget & Forecasting tool will allow M3 customers to take advantage of the integration of real-time data pulled directly from M3’s proprietary accounting platform AccKnowledge and its business analytics dashboard and reporting tool M3 Link. Customers will be able to make changes in one place and have them populate across the platforms, ensuring ease of use, minimizing manual input and data management, and reducing, if not eliminating, errors that can occur when using multiple platforms to accomplish these tasks.

Through forecasting, the M3 platform expands its success from a proven, powerful accounting software into a steadfast daily operations tool. Hotel operators and general managers have precise access to historical financial and reporting data, which provides an environment to develop more accurate forecasts to improve hotel performance. Additional enhancement phases have already been slated for its Budget & Forecasting tool, including workflow, enterprise level features and an advanced room revenue builder.
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