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Luby's Uses Software to Increase Upselling and Suggestive Ordering

Luby’s Inc. has chosen to deploy the xchangexec suite of software from Task Retail Technology across all of Luby’s, Inc. restaurants. Task Retail Technology (TRT) is a provider of enterprise centric, cloud based, point-of-sale software and services.
Luby’s, Inc. was looking for a technology solution to propel its brands into the future. The xchangexec suite of software will enhance Luby’s brands’ ability to provide customer loyalty offerings, increase revenue through upselling and suggestive ordering, and implement digital media solutions, with flexible access to detailed and insightful business intelligence and an overall revamp of customer-facing technologies.
With Task Retail Technology, Luby’s intends to standardize its store systems platform which will in turn increase process productivity in the restaurant support center as well as provide a flexible means of integration opportunities to drive value from the business model.
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