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Live from HITEC: SAFLOK Unveils Messenger LENS

Kaba Lodging Systems premiers the Messenger LENS program from its SAFLOK brand at HITEC 2009. The Messenger LENS is a component of the latest release of the Messenger bi-directional wireless communication system, which operates on the ZigBee ProStack protocol. This internationally accepted ZigBee protocol is ideal for large multi-room applications with numerous devices communicating simultaneously via a wireless network. LENS, which refers to Lock Event Notification System, is a subscriber-publisher software designed to transmit real-time information from the lock as it occurs.

For staff who cannot be anchored, such as housekeeping personnel, LENS working in conjunction with a third-party workflow management system, allows them the flexibility and agility to attend to their task immediately upon receiving the notification from anywhere in the property. LENS acts as a gateway that filters messages and transmits them to the correct subscriber based on the profile that has been set-up. Different notifications could be sent in parallel to different groups of users. Each user only receives messages to which they have subscribed. Customizing certain work groups to have unique profiles and privileges allows messages to be routed to designated parties. For example, housekeeping inspectors receive Room Ready alerts on their pagers, maintenance personnel receive Low Battery alerts on their cell phones, while security dispatchers receive Wandering Intruder and Door Ajar alerts at their PC terminal. While Messenger provides system level reports and maintains an extensive lock and hub activity history, LENS provides real-time lock and hub information as it occurs allowing the property to be responsive and troubleshoot potential errors.
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