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LevelUp Partners with FullContact to Provide Restaurants Deeper Guest Insights and Enhanced Customer Segmentation

LevelUp, the growth engine for restaurants, announced it has partnered with FullContact, an identity resolution provider, to power precision marketing programs by providing restaurateurs with a detailed understanding of their guests’ interests and social networks.

FullContact offers customer intelligence, which LevelUp’s restaurant partners can now access as an added service through LevelUp’s new “LevelUp Labs” feature suite.  By matching a customer’s email address, FullContact provides operators deeper guest insight, including demographic information, company information, favorite sports teams, hobbies, and social network size and influence.  As a result, restaurants on the LevelUp platform can now better segment their digital marketing efforts to speak directly to their guests’ interests.

LevelUp partners can access FullContact and additional “LevelUp Labs” services in their dashboard. Today in “LevelUp Labs,” restaurants can list their menu across LevelUp’s Broadcast network, build digital advertising audiences from credit card transactors, and enrich their precision marketing efforts with FullContact.

LevelUp partners can leverage FullContact today to: 

  1. Identify top social influencers among their customers and invite them to engage in an influencer marketing program, which is increasingly a preferred marketing approach for leading consumer brands.
  2. Grow their catering revenue by running a catering-specific campaign targeting guests in decision-making roles at nearby businesses.
  3. Craft custom segmented digital marketing campaigns based on guests’ interests. For example, restaurants can run a campaign targeting fans of each team in upcoming March Madness brackets, or target foodies for an exclusive first look at their menu.
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