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LevelUp Announces Dynamic Receipt Notifications

LevelUp, the mobile payment and loyalty/rewards platform, continues to expand its set of customer engagement tools. LevelUp announced that merchants using the LevelUp network will now have another innovative way to connect with their customers: dynamic receipt notifications.
In today’s world of information overload, emails go unread, Tweets unheard, and Facebook posts hidden by the NewsFeed algorithm. Add to that list the inevitable fate of paper receipts, sent straight into the trash unnoticed and unread.
Recognizing that merchants were in need of alternative opportunities to communicate one-to-one with their customers, LevelUp tapped into the valuable mobile real estate of digital receipts. As one indicator of how valuable this real estate is, consider the fact that digital receipt notifications are viewed by customers an impressive 90% of the time.
Every time a customer transacts at a merchant using LevelUp, they receive a push notification receipt. This receipt pops up immediately, while the customer’s phone is still inhand. Merchants can now customize these receipt notifications to communicate a wide variety of messages to customers. For example, they can promote a new product, offer a specific limited time promotion, invite customers to complete a survey, or opt to send a quick, heartfelt “thank you for coming in.” Merchants can also easily set up multiple receipt notification messages using LevelUp’s merchant dashboard, and intelligently rotate through them by assigning each message a priority level. 
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