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L.E. Hotels Implements Revcaster Rate Parity Verification for 150 Hotels Worldwide

L.E. Hotels has implemented Revcaster online rate verification. L.E. Hotels is a global hotel representation company comprised of some 150 independently owned and operated properties in 23 countries. Each property conveys L.E. Hotels’ signature distinction and one-of-a-kind individuality.  
Revcaster enables hotels to track and establish standardized rate parity across online channels. Parity across all channels lets hotels take advantage of each distribution channel and be stronger in all of them. Revcaster automatically monitors online rates to guide hotels to offer a consistent, correct rate. This rate consistency establishes a standardized offering and a sense of trust for our guests that increases bookings.
L.E. Hotels tapped Revcaster when rapid changes in online marketing made it difficult for independent operators to monitor the competitive marketplace as closely as before.

Revcaster’s rate shopping lets L.E. Hotel’s property operators see market pricing and maintain a standard competitive rate on their OTA channels. This is a sales advantage for operators because it gives shoppers confidence in a hotel’s rate as they look for a room. When travelers see the same property rate on all the major channels, they book faster because they know there is a standard.
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