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Kitchen United's New Facility Allows Restaurants, Food Trucks and Catering Firms to Produce Food Only for Takeout, Catering and Delivery

Newly founded culinary on-demand startup Kitchen United  said it opened its first facility in Pasadena, Calif.  The 12,000 sq. ft. fully equipped kitchen space leverages technology, including integrated point of sale software, back of house automation, and efficient order interfaces that combine inbounds from various delivery platforms, to enable new levels of efficiency for food businesses.

The facility will be used by regional and national food and restaurant brands to produce fresh food solely for the purpose of takeout, catering and delivery. Kitchen United also provides kitchen space that can be rented by the hour to food truck operators, catering firms, restaurants in need of licensed preparation space, and entrepreneurs seeking to develop new food products or restaurant concepts.

"Delivery is the future of the restaurant business, and Kitchen United provides a unique solution for the culinary industry," said Jim Collins, CEO of Kitchen United. "Kitchen United enables restaurant operators and independent food professionals to expand into new markets or offload burdensome delivery operations by using our turnkey back of house infrastructure, as opposed to investing in traditional brick and mortar locations, allowing for diminished risk and highly favorable cash on cash returns."

The fresh food delivery market is expected to reach 17 billion by 2020. While many restaurants are reporting increased top-line revenues through delivery services, their bottom line is not increasing due to the service costs and operational inefficiencies caused by the multi-step process of transferring food from the kitchen to the delivery drivers. Kitchen United aims to reduce the costs of delivery for restaurants and decrease the wait time for customers.

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