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Kiosks Issue Keycards, Messages & More for MaxHotel Concept Property

The Belgium-based 3 Stars Hotels' first MaxHotel concept property in Brussels is facilitating guest self-service check-ins and check-outs through the use of Ariane Systems' interactive kiosks. Procured through Van Hessen NV, the exclusive distributor of Ariane kiosk solutions in the Benelux region of Europe, the kiosks provide room keys and deliver incoming messages to hotel guests at the new property, which offers 63 brand new, value-priced rooms in a modern, fully redesigned 9-story building on one of the most important boulevard crossings in the center of Brussels.

"3 Stars Hotels created the new MaxHotel concept with the vision of providing guests with the best hotel value in town," says Olivier Dubois, sales and marketing executive for 3 Stars Hotels. "Our business approach was very clear: 'simple + smart comfort = great value.' To make this concept work from a sales perspective, key areas of the hotels' operation needed to be reviewed. Our first MaxHotel has 63 rooms. Prices vary from 45 to 145 Euros per night depending the seasons and local events. The only way to achieve that low rate was to completely review the hotel functions included in the price. We decided that at MaxHotel, all staff functions would be reduced to a single property attendant. The Ariane kiosks have allowed us to combine staff functions in order to create that level of efficiency."

At MaxHotel, all reservations are all pre-paid online. When guests arrive at the property, they use the Ariane kiosks to perform an efficient self check-in and receive their room assignment and guestroom keycards, as well as directions and any incoming messages. Since the installation, a reporting module that is included in the kiosk software has shown that 70% of guests at MaxHotel complete the check-out operations in less than 90 seconds.

After checking in, guests proceed directly to their rooms without staff assistance. This provides both convenience and privacy for the guest. In addition, it leaves the hotel attendant free to perform multiple other tasks, and provides significant operational savings for the hotel.

"Travelers today either opt for luxury or for a low budget stay," says Dubois. "Being a mid-range hotel group, 3 Stars Hotels falls right in between. We've been thinking about the future of hospitality, and have realized that the time has come to scale back some common hotel practices to make lodging more efficient as well as more affordable. That is the idea behind our MaxHotel concept brand."

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