Kairos Launches Camera Featuring Facial Recognition and Emotion Detection

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Kairos Launches Camera Featuring Facial Recognition and Emotion Detection


Kairos, a leading face-recognition AI company with an ethical approach to identity, announced the launch of the Kairos Video Analytics Camera and Dashboard. Ideal for retail merchants, commercial real estate brokers and the hospitality industry, the Plug-n-Play camera provides businesses with the ability to not only detect customers' identities, it also detects individuals' emotions as well, providing its owners with access into customer data and insights thanks to the Kairos analytics dashboard.

The Kairos dashboard provides businesses ranging from restaurants and casinos to commercial real estate, retail stores and hospitals with the ability to review foot traffic numbers, collect demographic data (customer’s age and gender, consumer dwell time, new and recurring customer status, and more) in real time. The Kairos dashboard also allows businesses to set up and receive custom alerts, for example, when a VIP guest enters a retail store that has the Kairos Camera installed, the owner can receive an email notifying him of the arrival. Another example would be a casino owner receiving an alert when a blacklisted card player enters the facility. These custom notifications allow businesses to cater their responses to specific individuals and offer them a personalized experience. Custom alerts can be created for different situations and delivered via text or email to the appropriate person in charge.

The Kairos Camera integrates with a business’ existing point-of sale, inventory management system, or surveillance system to be able to provide customized insights and recommendations. Besides offering facial recognition, the Kairos camera and dashboard can also recognize customer emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness. With the emotion detection and recognition technology market predicted to grow to $65 billion by 2023, Kairos is one of the first companies to incorporate the technology into cameras to provide businesses with a data rich dashboard which can lead to improved sales efficiencies and increased revenues.  

The new Kairos Camera captures videos in 1080p and connects through a USB cable to the Kairos AI module for power and data transfers. The AI module processes live videos and slices them into individual images for facial recognition. The Kairos camera’s small size, 5.2 x 2.8 x 2.3, allows it to blend in with its environment. The AI module connects via WiFi or an ethernet cable to a host computer, where business owners can access the dashboard to dissect and analyze data.