Kaba Ilco Introduces Contactless RFID Lock for Mid-Tier Market

Kaba Ilco Inc., a provider of access control solutions, announces the launch of its new RFID lock - the contactless 790 electronic lock - at the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) 2008 national convention.

The contactless 790 electronic lock is the ideal solution for hoteliers looking for optimal security and operational efficiency. It is the result of many years of developing highly effective control systems for the hospitality industry. The 790 lock is targeted at the mid-tier market

"We believe that all market segments deserve to benefit from the advancements of RFID technology, and through our investments in research and development we've made possible a cost-competitive RFID design," adds John Sarrouf, vice president of sales at Kaba Ilco.

The 790 lock is a versatile product with the ability to read/write information to a variety of RFID credentials, such as keycards, wristbands, fobs, etc. More sophisticated credentials can store a greater variety of information and enable more elaborate functions.

An audit trail (that specifies the date and time each lock was accessed) is recorded on employee keycards. Locks can be easily interrogated using audit keycards and a standard mechanical key override, giving peace of mind to hotel management and security staff.

With multiple locking options such as mortise, cylindrical latch, European mortise, panic bar, and remote access controllers, the 790 lock can secure every door on the property. Guestrooms, entrances and exits, elevators, parking gates, offices, and other common areas can benefit from the high level of security that the lock brings.

To enhance its performance and make it a truly stand-alone solution, the contactless 790 lock can work in conjunction with Ilco's Next Generation Front Desk Unit (FDU). The FDU operates independently without a dedicated computer. It also works with the Web-based Advanced Technology Lodging Access Solution (ATLAS) system.

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