Jetstream Partners with Enso Connect to Digitize All Guest Interactions

Jetstream Enso Connect logos

Jetstream Hospitality Solutions, the next generation of tech-driven hospitality, has partnered with Enso Connect, a guest experience platform, to digitize all guest interactions.

The goal of this partnership is to provide accommodation owners and property managers with streamlined operations; effectively reducing operational and labor costs, all while personalizing the guest experience. 

From AI-driven communication to a customizable experience marketplace, and an industry-specific CRM, Enso Connect’s guest experience operating system supports Jetstream’s full-service guest-focused technology platform.

With the increased professionalization of this industry, Jetstream now has the guest-focused infrastructure to meet global changing customer needs and scale quicker. 

Within the wide spectrum of services offered by Jetstream, 24/7 communication delivered by a global multilingual team is how Jetstream delivers top-of-the-line guest experiences. However, with this integration, Enso Connect has allowed Jetstream to automate up to 65% of guest messages across multiple channels allowing the team to focus on meaningful and personalized guest journeys and reducing operational costs at scale. 

Emmanuel Lavoie, CEO of Jetstream, said: “Jetstream has partnered with Enso Connect to provide enhanced guest communications, answering over 100,000 messages for hundreds of hospitality partners and tens of thousands of guests. Enso Connect provides scalability and significant time savings. Their automation features provide our guests with a fast seamless response to booking inquiries, guest information, and satisfaction surveys.” 

The latest AI in the Enso Connect platform not only allows operators to automate communication but also recognizes the sentiment of conversations and helps make data-driven decisions.

The Enso Connect team is constantly working on updating and introducing new features and tools, aiming to enhance guest experiences in hospitality accommodations. The most recent one is the Boarding Pass, a simple comprehensive tool for guest onboarding, released in January 2022. 

Mieke Hoekman, Chief Product Officer of Jetstream, said: "Partnering with Enso Connect is of great benefit to Jetstream and we are excited to see new innovations from Enso Connect to help our business grow and provide the best guest delight in the industry.” 

Francois Gouelo, CEO of Enso Connect, said: “Jetstream and Enso Connect share the values of forward-thinking, innovation and personalization for the industry. This collaboration enables us to work together towards empowering the accommodation owners and managers to maximize revenues and seize opportunities in the growing short-term rental market.” 

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