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Jet's Pizza Introduces Text-to-Order Technology

In partnership with Ordr AI, Jet's Pizza has already done more than 1 million text orders and launched in more than 75% of stores.
a pizza sitting on top of a table

Jet's has partnered with Ordr AI to offer 'text-to-order' technology driven by an artificial intelligence engine. Ordr AI, also Michigan-based (, is a high-tech startup operating out of Ann Arbor. The two companies have worked together to craft the technology and have already done more than 1 million text orders and launched in more than 75% of stores.

The text-to-order technology allows customers to text their Jet's store using the same local phone number they would use to call in an order. The customer can text their entire order in one message, including indicating pickup or the delivery address. The system then facilitates payment, processes the order, sends the order information into the store, and responds with confirmation and order timing. Customers can also save their credit card information and set a pin to reuse that same card during future orders making them very easy and quick. No coupons are needed as a standard 20% discount on pizzas are automatically applied on all text orders.

"I think it's fair to say that text-to-order is the easiest ordering method in all of food ordering, not just pizza. It's the future. It is a premium experience that pairs well with our premium tasting pizza. No apps to download, no Alexa to buy, just a great experience," says Aaron Nilsson, the CIO Jet's America, Inc.

The system can also answer basic questions about store hours and the menu, and there is a SMS marketing engine built in that perpetually boosts sales.

"We teamed up, we hustled, we innovated, and we made something great. I am sure others will copy us in the future. But, were from Detroit, we're used to that," says John Jetts, President of Jet's Pizza.

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