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Jamba Juice Renews Partnership with ArrowStream

ArrowStream, a foodservice supply chain innovator, announced a license renewal of OnDemand with Jamba Juice Company, to continue to capture and resolve supply chain issues with greater accuracy and efficiency. With OnDemand, Jamba Juice maintains control of its supply chain to ensure the highest operational effectiveness, inventory incidents are dealt with seamlessly and bottom-line savings are gained.

Jamba Juice is committed to serving the freshest high-quality foods to its customers. Their supply chain team depends upon OnDemand’s robust software to support crucial foodservice activities, including inventory monitoring, price compliance, and contract and supplier management.

“ArrowStream is our strategic partner and has enhanced our supply chain operations to ensure the freshest products and ingredients arrive at our restaurants on-time,” said Doug O’Brien, Vice President of Supply Chain for Jamba Juice.  “The decision to renew our contract is completely value-driven.  ArrowStream continuously drives innovation with their technology advancements and their deep understanding of supply chain operations. This past year when we relocated our entire corporate headquarters, we had to bring on new staff.  ArrowStream’s system allowed us to continue operations without interruption and provide a seamless transition to the new team.”

Jamba Juice is one of the latest restaurant brands to renew with ArrowStream, joining others such as Einstein Noah, CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc., Firehouse Subs and Shake Shack. OnDemand empowers restaurant chains to quickly identify price variance savings opportunities and proactively address the most pressing threats in their supply chains by centralizing inventory, contract and quality assurance information. OnDemand’s streamlined interface eliminates the need for traditional data mining by bringing specific challenges to the forefront and by cleansing, merging and mapping restaurant data that enables them to make better cost-effective tactical and strategic decisions.

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