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Intercontinental Establishes Direct Connectivity Platform with Travelocity

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) announces a partnership with Travelocity through which Travelocity's customers will have immediate and accurate access to IHG's complete range of inventory and pricing while allowing reservations to be booked directly into IHG's Holidex Plus reservation system.
A large majority of IHG's 3,800 hotel properties worldwide will utilize Travelocity's program, allowing Travelocity customers to have access to the full range of rooms and rates offered by IHG.
The state-of-the-art, next-generation direct connectivity offers the most accurate information on reservations to every party involved. Consumers view the most current full complement of rates and room availability, while hotels receive immediate confirmation of a reservation as it is automatically filed directly into the chain's central reservation system.
"It's important that our customers receive the most accurate, up-to-date booking information available whenever and wherever they shop our properties," says Andrew Rubinacci, IHG's vice president of distribution marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa. "We know a favorable booking experience is the first step in a successful hotel stay, and Travelocity has a great team to help us accomplish this task easily and efficiently."
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