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Intelity's ICE Integrates with Hotel Systems to Create an Automated Staff Experience

Intelity, the guest services management company, has announced its ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) enterprise solution now integrates with twenty-five hotel management systems directly from any of its five guest-facing technologies.
Integrations make ICE a full enterprise platform. ICE provides hotels seamless delivery of guest requests, streamlined distribution and complete connectivity. There’s no additional data entry, just an automated solution.
The list of ICE integrations begins with PMS including Opera, Epitome, Genesis, Hilton OnQ, Galaxy, RDP and Wyndham Focus. POS integrations with ICE are Micros 9700, Micros 3700, HSI, Radiant Aloha and Agilysis Infogenesis. For Ticket Systems ICE integrates with Mtech HotSOS, RoyalService, Concierge Direct and Hotel Expert. The list for Room Control integration includes AMX, InnCom and VDA. And ICE integrates with a variety of other systems such as Delphi, Spa Soft, OpenWays, Epicure, Resort Suite and PrinterOn.

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