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Intelity Cuts Hotel Costs and Reduces Human Error with Electronic Booking System

The hotel spa, a place of complete relaxation and pampering for guests, is now less stressful for its staff as well, thanks to a new integration between hospitality technology pioneer Intelity's ICE platform and Book4Time, the industry leader of cloud-based enterprise spa software.
The integration of Intelity’s ICE enterprise platform and Book4Time’s web-based spa management system means that guests are directly connected to the hotel’s spa reservation process.
Using Intelity's ICE, guests can review a menu of spa services and schedule an appointment. If the desired time is not open in the Book4Time system, the guest is presented with alternative options and can choose another time that fits their schedule. Once the guest confirms a reservation time, it is marked on the spa's electronic schedule in the Book4Time system.
What once was a manual, time-consuming process for spa staff becomes something that is completed instantly and flawlessly through this integration. And the guest never has to pick up the telephone.
Intelity recently announced that it now offers 35 integrations and 35 guest services with ICE, the highest available of either from any guest service platform in the world.

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