Innovative Tech Solutions in the Spotlight at MURTEC

Food pickup lockers, POS systems, accessories for costly devices, delivery insights and customer engagement solutions are among the solutions you'll discover at MURTEC.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
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MURTEC is next week in Las Vegas.  Food pickup lockers, POS systems, accessories for costly devices, delivery insights and customer engagement solutions are among the innovative tech solutions you’ll see in the exhibit hall.  

Samsung tablet case
Level10’s mobile device and tablet covers consist of a silicone rubber case and plastic frame.

Level10's Custom Mobile Device & Tablet Cases

Tablets and mobile devices have become essential for multiple restaurant applications, including inventory management, line-busting in the drive-thru, third-party delivery, and curbside pickup/takeout. To protect your devices and ensure employees have everything they need to efficiently serve customers on the go, Level10’s mobile device and tablet covers consist of a silicone rubber case and plastic frame. Merchants can also add customizable accessories, such as:

  • Hand and shoulder straps
  • Sun visors
  • Menu rings

From standard to custom options, Level10 has a full array of protective products to help merchants keep their customers, employees, and technology safe.

Toshiba Commerce’s TCx 810E All-in-One POS System

Power your business today with a POS system that brings premium performance at a value price. As a total all-in-one solution optimized for restaurants, hospitality, and quick service, the TCx 810E features:

  • Retail-optimized testing to ensure these systems work in many different environments
  • Powered by 8th Gen Intel processors for improved performance
  • Rich set of integrated ports in the display unit
  • Flexible mounting for shared views in food service environments
  • Fanless design with no moving parts to improve durability
  • Port options that enable connectivity with legacy systems.  Check out Toshiba's YouTube channel:

No More Order Confusion!

Say good-bye to upset customers who can’t find their orders because others mistakenly took the wrong orders from the counter. Panasonic Food Lockers can only be opened by the customer with the corresponding order code. Simply scan the code and the locker will open.

Create a dedicated area to eliminate congested countertops while streamlining operations.

Panasonic’s compact design allows restaurants to elevate carry-out volume without taking valuable operational space. Panasonic’s team will work with restaurants to determine how the food lockers are best suited for each restaurant.

Panasonic food lockers at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop
Panasonic’s Smart Food Lockers

Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite

Cheetah Digital bridges the gap between data and contextual engagement and ensures that restaurants can easily and fluidly understand their customer, activate insights, and deliver personalized experiences across all channels in touchpoints, in real-time.

Cheetah Digital provides the most unified data, insights and engagement solution, all powered by its platform, and informed by intelligent machine learning and real-time insights.

Many of the world’s best brands, including Bloomin Brands, Hilton, American Airlines, Starbucks, and Williams-Sonoma trust Cheetah to help them drive revenue, create personalized experiences, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the customer lifecycle.

Solink Delivery Order Insights

Simplify management of chargeback fee disputes from third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub using Solink’s new Delivery Order Insights. Easily view and search chargeback reports from multiple delivery services in one dashboard. All transactions and chargeback data are organized in the Solink platform so you can identify and take action on invalid charges, adding back dollars to the bottom line every month. With Solink’s Delivery Order Insights, transactions are paired with video so restaurants can dispute invalid chargebacks and identify real order errors to improve their processes. Search, analyze and action chargeback fees with just 3 clicks.

PAR Phase

Sleek, modern lines stand out in PAR’s Phase POS hardware, combining the best features of modern POS systems in a low-profile, customizable pedestal-style configuration.

Presto labor table ordering QR code
Presto Server Assistant

Presto Server Assistant

Working seamlessly with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, Presto Server Assistant will enable servers to enter orders, take payments, and obtain real-time feedback -- all from the palm of their hands.

The Presto Server Assistant at MURTEC is among the innovative tech solutions in the spotlight at MURTEC, March 7-9 in Las Vegas.  

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