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Innkeepers Increase Market Share with Specialized Sales Automation

Boutique country inns are special places where guests go for special occasions. The Inn at Honey Run is one of a growing number of bespoke properties using technology to increase business, efficiency, and profitability while maintaining a personal touch.
Until 2012, the Inn at Honey Run operated like most inns, managing its group and event booking process on pieces of paper. It was difficult to schedule and track all the custom components of each unique event. Managers were forecasting group event requirements and occupancy manually, and a wrong guess would impact purchases, staffing, and profitability. hotel SalesPro fits innkeepers’ budgets and has ‘big-system’ functionality.  hotel SalesPro is an automated, web-based sales solution from hotel SystemsPro that simplifies and strengthens sales processes. It records and tracks group sales information, provides traces and automated event booking, management, and follow-up.  
The Inn at Honey Run attracts corporate groups, day retreats, weddings, and family events from across Ohio and eastern Pennsylvania. The management customizes all of its group events. hotel SalesPro stores all the inn’s offerings and pricing and helps us combine different items for each group to create a unique experience. The system generates professional reports and documents.  
The Inn at Honey Run is managed by an innkeeper. Like a hotel general manager, the innkeeper is responsible for all operations from staffing to sales, banquets, event coordination, rate setting, and profitability. With the new web-based system, the innkeeper can log on even when he is off property to check on events and track our sales leads and bookings. He easily monitors every account from prospect until conclusion of event.  
Forecasting was manual at The Inn at Honey Run before the new system. hotel SalesPro’s comprehensive forecasts enable us to plan accurately for upcoming events. Now the inn can staff appropriately and purchase the right amount of food, helping bottom line profitability.

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