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Infor Hospitality Integrates with CeloPay

Infor, a provider of business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, announced a new collaboration with CeloPay.  As international standards continue to increase for payment processing, Infor Hospitality now integrates with CeloPay, a global payments solutions provider, to offer current and future customers a solution that will help mitigate guests’ risk of card-not-present fraud losses. Infor Hospitality offers a fully integrated suite of operational and financial applications, for every area of the hospitality enterprise, from the front desk to the back office.
Infor’s strategic relationship with CeloPay will enable Infor Hospitality customers to procure CeloPay to manage these payment collection processes in a secure, streamlined and efficient manner. Security and compliance are at the core of the CeloPay product that is built to be easy to use and flexible. CeloPay facilitates the secure submission and processing of information so that information is safely processed without the need for email or fax.
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