IDeaS Launches Enhanced Client-Driven Social Networking Tool

IDeaS Revenue Optimization, a revenue management and optimization solutions and services provider, introduces IDeaShare, a tool that accelerates innovation by enhancing communication between clients within the IDeaS Community social network and the IDeaS product development teams. IDeaShare makes it easier for IDeaS clients to provide suggestions and promote product enhancements submitted from any IDeaS client regarding the IDeaS V5i Revenue Management solution.

Clients using IDeaShare benefit from enhanced collaboration, increased visibility and improved sorting options, all while accelerating the process of identifying the most promising ideas. IDeaS clients can view all suggestions posted by the user community and rank suggestions in the order of importance to their particular property. IDeaShare also includes sorting options that allow the user to search by module, chronology, individual idea or submitter.

Key Benefits of IDeaShare:
• Collaborate: See all ideas suggested by the IDeaS V5i user community. Comment on any ideas presented as well as promote, demote and rank ideas most important.
• Status View: Better visibility into which product enhancements are being considered for future release, which ones are in development and which ones are completed and released.
• Search/Sort: Search and sort suggestions by keyword, IDeaS V5i module, chronology individual idea or submitter.

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