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ICYMI: HT’s 2023 Customer Engagement Technology Study Webinar Is Streaming on Demand!

Get an in-depth look at how restaurant and hotel brands are “Rewriting the Rules.”
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I had the privilege of moderating HT’s 2023 Customer Engagement Technology Study: Rewriting the Rules webinar, featuring industry experts Andrea G. Mulligan, Chief Customer Officer at Paytronix; Katie O’Dell, VP of Accounts at Bounteous; and Marybeth Pearce, Executive Director of Hospitality Technology, Comcast Business. If you missed it, the webinar is now streaming on demand

Over the course of an hour, our webinar explores key data points around customer attitudes and preferences toward guest-facing tech at restaurants and hotels. 

Data sets include:

  • How do guests discover restaurants & hotels?
  • How has the labor shortage affected guest experience?
  • How do guests rate self-service tech?
  • What do guests want in return for their personal data?
  • How do guests prefer to order at the drive-thru?
  • How do guests prefer to order food for delivery?

We also discuss how technology solutions are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalized experiences, communications, and offers; and the foundational importance of reliable network solutions to support the array of digital channels available to consumers.

Learn how restaurant and hotel brands are “Rewriting the Rules” — and, as always, let us know what you think.

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