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iBeacon Greetings Leverage Benefits for Customer Engagement Tools

Boston-based tech company LevelUp is making moves to enhance their customer engagement and loyalty platform, this time by leveraging iBeacons. Merchants using LevelUp already have access to a comprehensive loyalty and mobile payment platform that provides cutting-edge customer engagement tools, actionable customer insights, and a seamless customer payment/loyalty experience. Today, LevelUp officially announced the rollout of customizable iBeacon welcome messaging. Now LevelUp merchants have the option of sending a greeting to customers’ phones, right when they come in the door.
LevelUp’s new iBeacon messaging empowers merchants to greet each customer in the most personal way possible. Beyond the message itself, leveraging this type of innovative mobile technology to connect with customers provides a number of related benefits. For example, each mobile greeting will have the added effect of reminding customers to engage with the merchant’s loyalty program. The resulting boost in consistent loyalty program usage will provide the merchant with even more robust data on which to build successful customer engagement strategies.
Merchants have full control over every aspect of their iBeacon greetings, ensuring that the messages customers are receiving remain relevant and meaningful. For example, merchants can remind customers that they are oh-so-close to unlocking a loyalty reward, recommend items the customer might enjoy based on their purchase history, or make customers feel welcomed on their birthday with a “Happy Birthday! We’re so glad you decided to visit us on your big day!”
With iBeacon messaging, LevelUp strives to provide merchants the unique opportunity to speak to customers in their own voice and maintain a colorful, flexible set of customer greetings. Managing the content, duration and frequency of iBeacon messaging all happens in one easy place, within LevelUp’s merchant dashboard.
LevelUp’s mobile payment and customer engagement platform continues to expand as new technologies emerge. The new iBeacon greetings are one small, yet important, example of the tools LevelUp provides merchants to better engage their customers.
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