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IBC Hospitality Technologies Launches Website Redesign

IBC Hospitality Technologies, a software company aimed to help independent hoteliers with management and marketing, announced the redesign and relaunch of its website IBC Hospitality Technologies is placing increased focus on simplifying solutions for independent hoteliers. The site now features a cleaner and more contemporary design, along with the ability to self-onboard in minutes or receive detailed demostrations. The new website is designed to provide a more engaging user experience for hoteliers and enhance navigation.

The redesign is meant to clearly communicate how simple it is for hoteliers to easily evaluate their business by connecting their systems, receive guest information, and to drive direct bookings through a vanity website with booking engine and demand channels such as meta, as well as marketing support with services such as retargeting to the vanity website, the company said. Hoteliers, especially independents, struggle to find cost-effective solutions like these to drive direct bookings. The redesigned website will showcase the accessibility and importance of these strategies.

Visitors can now more easily browse IBC Hospitality Technologies solutions, learn about the company, and access industry news, tutorials and insights through the blog.  IBC offers CRS, booking engine, digital marketing and integration solutions for independent hoteliers. The new website clearly outlines each of these services and additional solution options for independent hotels and hotel groups.

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