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HyperActive's Dynamic Drive-Thru Offers New Metric

In an effort to improve the drive-thru experience for all customers, HyperActive Technologies is introducing “Dynamic Drive-Thru,” a new speed of service metric. Dynamic Drive-Thru looks at the contents within a food order and the orders of the vehicles queued in front to dynamically create the service goal for each vehicle in the queue. This ‘look behind the curtain’ enables a new operations model that will use the pull forward option in a controlled manner to improve the drive-thru experience for all customers.
For example, if one vehicle has an order that contains five entrÉes versus another vehicle whose order has only one entrÉe – the five entrÉe order may take a greater amount of time to fulfill. Using the estimated order fulfillment time and the same information for all vehicles in front of it, Dynamic Drive-Thru will calculate an expected service window time for the vehicle.  If that service window time exceeds the goal setting substantially, and the following vehicle(s) have an expected service window time that is within the goal, Dynamic Drive-Thru will suggest that the five entrÉe vehicle be pulled forward, if that’s an acceptable policy.
As a result, the long service window time of the five entree order will not negatively affect the vehicles queued behind it, which will translate to more vehicles achieving their individuals goals, and the QSR experiencing increased transactions during peak sales periods.
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