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Hyatt Key West Adopts Both Complimentary and Guest-Pay Models for Internet Access

Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa has added Eleven’s iMac guest computing solution to its list of upscale amenities. ElevenGC gives the resort the ability to offer guests limited complimentary computer access alongside a guest-pay model for additional usage and printing. The flexible payment options coupled with sleek and sophisticated Apple hardware, made Eleven the clear choice for this high-end property. Since becoming a preferred Hyatt standard in 2012, ElevenGC has been deployed at a majority of Hyatt full service hotels throughout the US.
With guests on different time schedules and with various agendas, Hyatt Key West needed guest computers that were self-serve and available 24/7, rather than their previous solution that was limited to the gift shop hours. Strategically placed for easy access, the iMac computers enable guests to book appointments at the luxurious Jala Spa, schedule tee times at the Key West Golf Club, and even print jet ski and other water sports waivers with ease – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Embracing technology as a vital amenity, Hyatt Key West grants computer access to guests free of charge for the first 15-minutes as well as five black and white prints per day, and charges thereafter. Guests can conveniently bill charges to their room or a credit card. Moreover, ElevenGC is continually monitored and managed by the industry’s highest level of 24-hour support and service to maximize uptime and optimal performance.
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