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HTNG Announces Sessions and Speakers at Upcoming HTNG Insights Summit

HTNG releases the agenda for this year’s Insight Summit North America at the Hyatt Regency Dulles, Washington D.C. on 26-27 September.

HTNG Insight Summits focus on advancing discussions and solutions in current workgroups by providing an opportunity for participants to meet face-to-face. HTNG members come together to discuss current issues, learn about new industry findings, acquire practical knowledge to carry forward and benefit from networking opportunities.

Keynote Address:

George Allen, Former Governor of Virginia, U.S. Senator and Strategic Advisor to VT Group, will present the keynote address at the Insight Summit. Allen is an ambassador for VT Group’s passive optical LAN technology, striving to achieve a goal of encouraging adoption and implementation. As a lifelong public servant, Allen recognizes the benefits which can be realized when individuals and business leaders move beyond the “now” and embrace the future.

Sessions will include:

  • A.I. is in the Air
  • Building Blockchain for Hospitality
  • HTNG Infrastructure Workgroup Insights
  • Insights from HTNG Software
  • IoT: Adopt the Good, Prevent the Bad
  • IoT for Hospitality
  • Owner’s Case Study on IoT Hotel Development
  • Start-up, the Next Generation
  • Strategic Pillars Interactive Idea Generation
  • The Role of Machine Learning in Developing AI-based Automation
  • Wireless Power & Hospitality

Speakers will include:

  • Ajay Aluri, West Virginia University
  • Farukh Aslam, Sinclair Holdings, LLC
  • John Bell, Ajontech LLC
  • Larry Birnbaum, VT Group
  • Bob Friday, Mist Systems
  • Florian Gallini, INTEREL
  • Paul Golden, Wireless Power Consortium
  • Ted Harrington, Independent Security Evaluators
  • Dayna Kully, 5thGenWireless
  • Rob Shein, PwC
  • Dick Wagner, Marriott International

For more information on the Insight Summit North America in Washington D.C., please visit

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