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HT Talks Tech with Flight Club’s Amanda Cibotti

Training is all fun and games at this ‘eatertainment’ concept.

HT caught up with Amanda Cibotti, Director of Training and Development at Flight Club, an ‘eatertainment’ concept known for its social darts, craft cocktails and elevated eats. With six locations in the USA and 12 locations in the UK, Flight Club has more than 1,000 employees.  

The company recently overhauled its staff training, upgrading to a modern, app-based approach. 

Previously, Flight Club relied on training via paper handouts and binders. This method of training was ineffective, leading to huge knowledge gaps amongst employees. The growing brand also needed training that supported staff development — helping them to retain training knowledge as well as managing bookings and changing menus. With six locations scheduled to open in North America this year, Flight Club needed a solution that could support their growth plans that were consistent and scalable.

An engaging solution was created that complemented the Flight Club’s own fun and gaming element.  

HT: Tell us about Flight Club’s previous training program.

Amanda Cibotti, Director of Training and Development at Flight Club: We had binders with paper training sheets for all our employees; it was not an environmentally sustainable method of training. There was a huge gap in employees' learning as paper-based training wasn't sticking in people's minds. Teams did not enjoy the paper-based training and were very unlikely to keep practicing their skills (unlike now). New employees did not have a 'safe space' to practice what they had learnt before facing customers so they would lack confidence. Gamification training with Attensi has changed all that. 

HT: How so?

Cibotti: We now have a situation where our team is competing against each other to beat their previous training score and to beat their colleagues! Attensi training is fun, innovative, and leveling up the knowledge gap between front-of-house and back-of-house staff, while also boosting morale and confidence. This is an amazing feat with a dispersed and international team. There's no other training [program] you can make people do twice; however, [our employees] play on average nine times! The competitive nature of training means that employees are excited and accomplished before they hit the floor.

HT: How do employees engage with the new gamified system? 

Cibotti: Employees immerse themselves in the Flight Club tailormade training experience on the Attensi App via their smartphones, a tablet or a PC. 

HT: How are employees rewarded for completing a training unit? 

Cibotti: Employees are rewarded by achieving top class training that sets them up to be confident in their role. By completing a training unit they can move on to the next unit of training or on to the restaurant or bar floor confident they can handle any situation. 

HT: What information can managers see?

Cibotti: Managers can access impact data such as knowledge gap closure, engagement rates, and completion rate. They can also monitor particular questions or areas where their staff struggle the most and use this information to improve their training. 

Editor's Note:  The next Flight Club will open in Philadelphia this summer. 


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Flight Club employee using Attensi app
 Attensi training is fun, innovative, and leveling up the knowledge gap between front-of-house and back-of-house staff, while also boosting morale and confidence, says Amanda Cibotti, Director of Training and Development.
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