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How Plug-and-Play Benefits the Hotel Back Office


Plug-and-play solutions that can also multi-task are extremely helpful to hoteliers. For example, 7shifts operates as a punch clock, scheduler, and labor cost calculator.

With their industry rapidly changing, hoteliers often look to technology to help them adapt and survive. However, technology evolves just as quickly, if not faster. 

“Solutions currently in use by hoteliers can therefore quickly become in need of an upgrade in order to remain effective, with providers best serving their customers by offering seamless enhancement abilities without the need for a time-consuming and costly overhaul of existing infrastructure that may also lead to significant disruption,” says Paul Bennie, Director of Business Development at ProfitSword.

For this reason, Hospitality Technology is taking a look at some back-office features that have been specifically designed to plug into existing hotel technology stacks in the following areas: accounting and workforce management.