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How One Burger Chain Removed Friction from the Pickup Experience

Flybuy and Future Ordering teamed up to create a frictionless pickup experience for Max Burgers, driving repeat visits and increased order volume.
max burger app in car
Currently 30% of Max Burgers' orders are picked up curbside.
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New technology implemented by Max Burgers is reducing friction in the guests' curbside pickup experience.  

The 180+ burger chain across Europe that originated in Sweden, rolled out Flybuy,  an enterprise location technology platform, and Future Ordering’s digital ordering platform for food and beverage.

Curbside makes up a huge portion of Max Burgers’ business. In fact, 30% of Max Burgers in-app orders are being picked up curbside. Max Burgers expects this channel to continue to grow moving forward.  

Max Burger has been using Future Ordering's seamless digital ordering, which is POS agnostic, for years and recently added Flybuy Pickup for a location-based curbside solution,  explained Dan Estrada, Chief Strategy Officer from Radius Networks. 

Time-Saving Tech

The labor efficiencies provided by this partnership have been monumental to Max Burgers staff. With Flybuy Pickup, staff has complete visibility into the customer’s journey to the restaurant so they can prepare orders based on exact arrival times and spend less time looking for customers in the parking lot.

“The combination of Flybuy and Future Ordering sets our staff up for success to handle the ongoing high volume of curbside customers," said Henrik Jacobson, Business Developer, Max Burgers. "We are operating more efficiently than ever, and the time saved with Flybuy can be used by our staff to be able to provide a fast, seamless, and frictionless experience for our customers from the moment they place their order to the moment they receive their food.”

Tighter integrations with other operating systems are driving 46% of restaurants’ POS upgrades, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends report

Flybuy Pickup is fully integrated with Max Burgers Management System, enabling the kitchen to balance order preparation for dine-in and order-ahead customers simultaneously. This ensures maximum food freshness for all takeout orders, and automatically keeps the kitchen in sync with the servers. 

Radius Networks' Estrada added, “Max Burgers has implemented a seamless customer pickup experience across online and mobile ordering channels fully integrated with kitchen management systems, dramatically reducing customer wait times, improving staff efficiencies and maximizing product quality and freshness.”

“This is the start of creating a seamless, friction free and efficient car experience for guests arriving to Max. We look forward to continue working with the Flybuy team and world leading technology.” Anders Lövgren, CTO at Future Ordering.

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