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Hotel Management Company Pinpoints Maintenance Issues Across Properties


When Oldham Goodwin Group’s growing portfolio of premium branded hotels grew to 11 properties, Tony Walker, director of facilities management, and James Maguire, area director of engineering, quickly realized the need to formalize and improve the existing engineering process.

“We needed a system that could merge data from multiple properties and automatically schedule inspections, but were constrained by paper inspection reports and to-do lists,” said Walker. “Our preventative maintenance (PM) inspections operated on a broad, non-specific basis so we weren’t able to drill down room-by-room. We’d have our engineers PM this equipment, or PM that room but had no visibility into whether or not we were moving the needle company-wide.”

Without an accurate way to measure the quality of work expected and corresponding completion time at a corporate level, the two set out to find and implement a more robust preventative maintenance solution.

Walker and Maguire chose to test out Quore, one of the hospitality industry’s providers of hotel management software, at one Oldham Goodwin Group property. Impressed with Quore’s overall operations capabilities, particularly the preventive maintenance feature, the two decided to roll out the solution as a company-wide operations interface. By equipping staff members with mobile devices, Quore enabled engineers at each property to quickly inspect and document maintenance deficiencies at any location through an intuitive interface.

“We were instantly floored by Quore’s capabilities and user-friendly platform,” said Walker. “With Quore, we’ve found water leaks, equipment defects and even a major gas leak during routine readings that may have gone unnoticed for a very long time.”

Customizable PM templates for guestrooms, mechanical, building and life safety requirements coupled with automatic inspection recommendations and work orders allowed Walker and Maguire to pinpoint fundamental issues while also seeing a trend analysis of the whole portfolio. Quore’s PM feature drives intelligently from actual inventory, so each PM is hyper-specific to the guestroom, asset or area being addressed.

“Quore alerts us of blind spots when something is off during routine readings,” said Maguire. “Now, I can scroll through results from each PM inspection to find out where the ball is dropping and what preventive measures we need to take to make sure each guest experience is up to par with the rest of the brand.”

From water heater performance to safety checks, Quore’s cloud-based platform gives Walker and Maguire visibility into each property from anywhere in the world, keeping them informed and eliminating surprises.

Once engineering staff members at each Oldham Goodwin Group property began using Quore regularly, Walker and Maguire were able to implement company-wide areas of improvement, which ultimately led to increased guest satisfaction while saving time and money.

“With Quore, we now have a unified team and a comprehensive playbook of brand expectations, which gives us credibility and allows us to be competitive with big brands in the industry like we couldn’t before,” said Walker. “Quore saves us money and time, but has also made everyone’s lives a lot easier. It’s been a gamechanger for how our brand operates at every level.”

For Oldham Goodwin Group, a formalized and intuitive PM process and quick access to critical data allowed the company’s leaders to make smarter, more informed decisions on behalf of its owners and guests.

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