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Humrun Launches Repair and Maintenance App for Restaurants

Humrun announced the launch of its repair and maintenance app which allows restaurants to better manage equipment, the backbone of their business. Providing features that enable more effective communication with service professionals, the app quickly connects restaurants with qualified technicians across more than a dozen categories, including refrigeration, cooking equipment, HVAC and more. The app also allows real-time communication and features a built-in payment method.

Available to download on any iOS device, Humrun creates a more efficient system for both restaurant owners and service professionals. Restaurant owners can connect with their preferred providers, order on-demand services in urgent situations and automatically document repairs and maintenance for equipment. On the service provider side, technicians that join the Humrun network can access job requests from all Humrun restaurants and can determine their own schedules by simply setting their status to "available" on the app.

With no implementation or set-up fees, Humrun gets users up and running in as little as one hour. The app offers subscription plans to fit a business's size and budget, allowing owners to quickly and efficiently take control of their equipment and maintenance. Following its beta test, managers and owners report that the app has improved communication and streamlined daily tasks, garnering rave reviews from restaurant owners and managers throughout metro Atlanta.

"It's a great tool. It's something we all need," says Meeka Baxter, accounting manager for the Castellucci Hospitality Group. "It saves a lot of wasted time and helps us get more things done immediately. We've already seen that it brings in a lot of accountability that we didn't really have before and it also impacts our productivity, as we now have a vendor list of the people that I prefer my managers to use, streamlining the process and eliminating communication issues."

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