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McKibbon Hospitality Reduces TAT for Capital Expenditures from Days to Hours

When it comes to ensuring McKibbon Hospitality hotels run like clockwork, Stan Hannibal is the man behind the magic. As the vice president of engineering for nearly 100 McKibbon Hospitality properties, Hannibal is responsible for all aspects of engineering operations, from mechanical issues to energy improvements. So when he decided to throw a new technology into the mix to evolve from a paper-based to a cloud-based system, Hannibal carefully scrutinized the potential benefits of several software solutions for the entire company before recommending that hundreds of McKibbon employees get onboard.
Hannibal noted that employees communicated and processed work orders via radio or paper forms, so it was nearly impossible to track the status of a work order or know when it was completed. Similarly, capital expenditures were typically e-mailed to three to five individuals for review and approval, taking days to complete with no visibility into the status of a request, leading to an increased number of internal e-mails and phone calls. 
“The success of our hotels relies solely on how our properties are operating and how they communicate information to decision-makers in the company,” said Hannibal. “It was clear we needed to make improvements to our technology to improve the quality of information being reported in order to make our properties run more efficiently to ultimately make smarter decisions for our guests.”
Hannibal shopped around for software solutions and ultimately decided on Quore, a provider of hotel management software. After testing Quore at three properties, employees reported that Quore was intuitive, easy to use and easy to set up. With more employees integrating Quore into their daily roles, more data was now being aggregated and reported in real time.
“Before Quore, I had to ask employees for specific data points, so my data was only as good as what was being reported from our associates,” said Hannibal. “With Quore, I now have high-quality, real-time data at my fingertips whenever I need.”
Quore’s cloud-based system and customizable dashboards provide McKibbon management with fast, direct visibility into data and analytics to ensure properties perform on the next level.
“Before Quore, we would pass spreadsheets back and forth to get capital requests approved,” said Hannibal. “Now, it’s second nature. Requests come in and they’re approved the same day. If something is lagging, we shoot a message in the system to the field.”
Whether providing insight into the timeliness of completed work orders or receiving approvals for capital expenditures, Quore has increased the depth and breadth of information available to McKibbon management in ways that were previously unavailable.
Hannibal notes that since the implementation of Quore, work order and capital request processes have drastically improved. With Quore, McKibbon Hospitality can track the number of work orders generated by type and by property to quantify capital needs and recurring issues.
“Turnaround time for capital expenditures has decreased dramatically, from days to just hours,” said Hannibal, “All approvers can immediately approve or deny a request and see the status of others in the chain, creating a fluent, quick and easy-to-track process.”
For McKibbon Hospitality, streamlined communications and quick access to essential hotel operations led to enhanced guest satisfaction, staff productivity and asset tracking.
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