Hotel Effectiveness Adds Team Wellness Check-In to App

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Hotel Effectiveness has added a new feature to the MyHotelTeam application, Team Wellness Check-In.

The Team Wellness Check-In data is private and secure.

The Team Wellness Check-In will facilitate a safe and efficient return-to-work process through a simple and secure, CDC-compliant self-screening process for each associate before every shift. Managers will monitor which associates have completed each day’s check-in and will receive an instant alert any time that a team member reports a symptom through the app. This added feature will give associates confidence in the health and safety of their workplace, and guests will arrive knowing that the hotel staff is taking every step to protect them during their stay.

The Team Wellness Check-In is easy to set up and personal health responses and data are private and secure. Associates’ health-specific responses are never stored, reports are permission granted, and the data is highly encrypted.


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